Between WorldsI sat on a bench at Finca Azotea, a beautifully manicured equestrian club/coffee farm listening to a conversation filled with so much curiosity. What language is he speaking? Have you ever been on a horse? How much do you think it costs to ride a horse? What type of fruit is that? Ten minutes prior, these fifteen-year-olds from El Hato were shoveling manure with the strength, pride, and seriousness of grown men. While we were waiting for Francisco to return with his truck, we had time to walk through the vivero and watch a few minutes of riding lessons.

Shortly after starting at Las Manos I realized almost no one from El Hato has ever seen the ocean. They know of it. They hear about it. I can’t imagine my life without having experienced the ocean first hand. The ocean moves through all the senses in a way that is very difficult to describe accurately to someone who has never experienced it. How important is it to go outside of your world once in a while? I guess it depends a lot on whether the trip is a positive, negative or somewhere-in-between experience. Several years ago I had intended to organize an end of year trip to the beach for students graduating middle school, but I’m sad to say that dream never made it to the top of the priority list.

Between WorldsWith so many students a school field trip is something that happens every few years at best. We do manage to work in one class field trip and a few small group trips each year and sometimes a work trip ends up being just as good.

Thank you Azotea for letting us take advantage of your great gardening resources and for providing us with a mini field trip today.


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Between Worlds