Natalie's GardenI live in a fairly large modern house in a small estate in a medium size village in the South of England and have a fairly small garden of approximately 200 sq m. I also have an allotment of approximately 60 sq m half a mile away on which I grow fruit and vegetables.

Natalie's GardenAs I work in my garden I divide and move plants all the time either because the clumps get too large, I lose plants to the winter weather, they come to the end of their natural lifespan or I want to replace them with a different plant with better characteristics. I also often find small seedlings from established plants. In the UK garden centres, plants are expensive to buy and it seems such a shame to throw away plants which many people would love to have. On the other hand it is quite a lot of work to pot up all the spare divisions and seedlings!

Natalie's GardenI work in the National Health Service and many of the staff are on low wages. I decided to sell my plants and any spare produce from the allotment for low prices at work to staff and donate the money raised to charity so that there would be a double benefit – to them and to charity. It is also nice to know that plants that I love are enjoyed by my friends and that they remember me each time they look at them!

Natalie's GardenI felt that Las Manos de Christine would be an ideal charity to support as the relatively small amount of money I can raise would reach a good cause without the large administration and fund raising costs of an international charity. Additionally my daughter Maddie has worked with the school and charity whilst on a gap year.


Natalie's Garden