Our GardenFor lunch I had a grilled mushroom salad, courtesy of the El Hato garden. During vacation camp we planted an herb garden in a planter outside of the kitchen and some leafy greens in the flower garden at the school entrance. There was some local skepticism of whether vegetables should be planted near flowers, but since no good reason was presented for them not to be, we tried it anyway. Gloria, who lives across the street offered to water the garden during Christmas break.

Our GardenWe were welcomed on Monday with some beautiful heads of lettuce and some large, but mostly eaten kale plants. There must have been a very hungry caterpillar who thought these leaves were a Christmas gift. The mushroom house was abandoned for the break, but when we went to clean it out for the new year there was a lonely ½ pound bunch of mushrooms hanging around waiting to be harvested. Since the kitchen won’t be up and running for a few more weeks we decided to try the vegetables out ourselves.

Our GardenWithout much effort, what was once dry orange soil is becoming richer and more conducive to life. It feels really good to grow food and eat it. I have high hopes that the school garden will be contributing to the school breakfast this year.


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Our Garden