Carpentry ClassI’ve been leading carpentry classes for the past month, and unexpectedly, it’s a lot like teaching yoga. You need to be present and focused. What is the alignment of the body in relationship to the tool? At what angle does the tool touch the wood?

I have always been the substitute teacher during times of teacher shortages. I can cover any course we offer, maybe not exactly the way it was intended to be, but I can put something together and it usually works out pretty well. When the carpentry teacher quit with only a few months left in the year and I asked around and couldn’t find a quick replacement, I panicked. How could I teach carpentry? I surely wasn’t qualified. I had never used a power tool. Then, I remembered that wasn’t true. I did use a jigsaw in 7th grade shop class and I recall enjoying it.

Carpentry ClassWith the help of Donald, a long-term Earth Lodge volunteer, the carpentry workshop could not have gone better. We all learned together. We each brought a small piece to the table. Donald has the carpentry experience and I have the teaching experience. Our students ranging in ages from 13 to 23 each come with their own skill set and experience.

The students help us with our Spanish and of course I like throw in some English. I’m impressed with the way the students work together and teach each other. The school year has now come to an end, but we’re all looking forward to 2016.


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Carpentry Class