In Prepa (6 year olds)—we are learning about body parts. We have begun a project in which we are constructing our own bodies using a combination of photos, drawings, and words. To start, I took a photo of each student’s face and subsequently cut each photo into four parts: hair, eyes and ears, nose, and mouth. We spent Monday guessing to whom each facial features belonged as a class. “Whose eyes are these?” “Sandra!” “Mario!” “Whose mouth is this?” “Floridalma!” I was surprised to see how quickly and easily the class recognized the eyes and mouths of their classmates. For some eyes, I held them up for about five seconds before they had pinpointed their correct friend! The hair and noses, however, were a little more difficult often causing some comical comparisons.


The next day, we started by making new faces using the facial features of different students. Then, I placed each facial feature in four separate areas of the room and each student had to sort through the features of their classmates until they had gathered all of their own facial features. Those who finished early helped their classmates. Then, we recreated our faces on paper using glue! Over the next few days, we will make the rest of our bodies using markers, colored pencils, and crayons. In the end, each student will present his or her finished body to the class!


The idea behind this project is to develop a positive identity and pride in how one looks while respecting the facial characteristics and identities of everyone in the room. The hope is to empower each student while develop camaraderie by making students work together to distinguish their own features and ultimately put them together like a puzzle. I am also reviewing the value of respect to make sure it is a fun, rewarding experience for each!

I am excited to see how they turn out!!

– Allie Prescott