For those of you who know me, you probably know that operating computers or any electronics for that matter is not one of my strong points. With over half of our staff out due to a nasty virus going around, I stepped in to cover 4th-6th grade English with the assistance of a potential volunteer who was coming up for a tour, but had no option but to actually start volunteering today since I was his ride and tour guide.

Classes started with a short geography lesson. David, our new volunteer is from South Korea and the kids had a fun time trying to guess where he was from and then trying to locate it on the map. We have a group of boys who frequent the library to play games on the computers, but besides them, the majority of the students were not familiar with how to use the laptops. We gave a simple lesson in English on how to turn the computers on, use the mouse, and find Wikipedia on the RACHEL program, an offline educational program provided to us by World Possible.

The assignment for 4th and 5th grade was to search for South Korea and describe the flag. The 6th graders took things one step further by choosing topics they wanted to research. Group topics included soccer (of course), animals people eat, animals of Africa, and animal refuges.


I’m always impressed with how responsible, well behaved, and engaged our students are. It was truly a pleasure being with them today, and we went through the whole morning without one technical problem!