Antigua International School second grade

Antigua International School second grade

We are second graders at Antigua International School (AIS). We want to tell you about how we met our new friends at the El Hato School.

In school we learned about “lending a hand” and “better together.” This means that we help other people and work together. We wanted to help another school in our community. Our teacher, Ms. Ruth Anne, contacted Las Manos de Christine and made a plan!


We had two bake sales at our school. The first one was in April. We raised $150 to buy books for the children at El Hato. We bought mostly bilingual books, and two sets of books so the children can read in groups.

Then we had another bake sale in May. We raised 3,700Qs! That’s a lot of money for a small school! We contacted Libreria Castillo in downtown Antigua. They said they would give us a discount on everything we bought. So we rented a bus and went shopping for the El Hato School children. We bought all sorts of paper, tape, dry erase markers and lots more. We also sent some of our students to other shops to buy craft items, like feathers and balloons and bubbles. We got a laminator at Office Depot. Libreria Castillo gave us a box of things for free!

ais-blog-2014-07-09-reading4Reading Big Dog Little Dog in Spanish and English


The next day we went to the El Hato school. First we carried all the donated stuff (including donated games) to the English room. Then we read Big Dog Little Dog in English and Spanish with groups of children. Then we gave each child an “opposites” book that we had made at AIS. We illustrated the opposites in the book.

Studying the Opposites book made by the AIS childrenWorking in the Opposites book made by the AIS students


Then we said goodbye to the El Hato school kids and went down to Earth Lodge for playtime and lunch. After we ate, we had smoothies.

We learned a lot with this project. We learned to lend a hand to help other people to have a better life. We hope you can also help people.

The AIS Second Grade (11 children)