last day

In June, we said goodbye to Rainey, Ruth, and Patrick, and welcomed our new English teachers Paulo, Allie, and Nicole. The changing of the teachers is always an emotional, lively, and challenging time at Las Manos. Students say their farewells to the teachers they have grown to know and love, but are also curious about the newcomers and ready to put them to the test. The new teachers have the challenge of learning how to operate and teach in their new environment as they try to learn the names and win the acceptance of hundreds of new students.


Though the transition can be challenging, the new teachers bring with them a new set of skills, ideas, teaching methods, and a fresh energy to the school and the organization. Paulo has already begun helping us get organized on the technology front with the use of his IT background. Allie is bringing back the phonics program, started by Katie a few years back, and bringing a focus on literacy to her English classes. This is Nicole’s second time in Guatemala and she possesses the practical experience of assisting in the classrooms of Safe Passage, another great organization. This is her first time in the teacher role and it’s been great to see her listen to the advice of her colleagues and put their suggestions to the test in her classes with her own personal touch.

by Salina Duncan