ImageI noticed that Carlos had been hiding in the corner of his classroom for several days in a row instead of his usual socializing during break. At first I thought he was sleeping, then I realized he was on a tablet, online! He informed me that he’d been getting an internet signal in the corner of his room.

My first task when I started at Las Manos was to set up internet service at school and I failed. Our school is nestled among mountain ridges that block all internet signals. We even checked into satellite, but that was out of our price range. After testing the grounds again last week, we found another area with a signal outside of the new library. For the past 2 weeks we’ve been scrambling to update our virus infested outdated computers in the hopes of finally bringing technology to our students.

On Monday, I showed Jony, a basico student how to set up a Duolingo account and he proudly worked his way through the first segment. I guess we’ll have to stop using the “we work on the side of a mountain without internet” excuse for not updating our Facebook page and blog!